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LASA Mexico is in the position to offer a minimum of ten USD $250 dollar travel scholarships to help graduate students defray travel to LASA. We will be able to offer more if we get enough renewals before March 25, 2017, so please do renew at once if you want to help us in this.

For students seeking to apply, here are the requirements:
Students must be enrolled in a graduate degree program.
They must be current members of LASA and LASA Mexico to apply.
Their proposed paper must focus on Mexico in full, or establish a relevant comparison between Mexico and another context.
Preference will be given to students who did not receive the award last year, but those who did are welcome to re-apply.

The section will rank the students based on the following on the originality and interest of the proposal. Should there be more eligible applications than funds, preference will be given also to students from institutions abroad or for whom the travel cost to Lima is more expensive based on their location. Of course, should the section have enough member fees by then, we will be happy to finance as many as we can afford.

A minimum of USD $2500 and a maximum contingent on membership renewals) will be disbursed, so if there is less applicants than available scholarships, we will increase the scholarship amounts accordingly.

While all students can apply, we do ask that those who live in Lima or who can attend LASA at very low cost to not do so to maximize funds for those who have to travel to what will be a very expensive conference.

Please submit in a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT the following, in the order requested:
Cover letter requesting the funds, stating name, institution, LASA membership number and confirmation of being member of Mexico section (receipt is preferred, verbal confirmation is acceptable and subject to confirmation with LASA).
Title and abstract of the proposed paper and the program copy of the panel in which the paper will be presented.
A copy of a plane ticket receipt or an itinerary from the place of departure of the student to Lima, or an airline website or Travelocity itinerary is ticket has not been provided.
A description of any other funding received by students.

This letter must be sent to ddalto14[@] no later than March 21st, 2017, to ensure timely disbursement of checks during LASA.



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