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Invitación al Panel “Indigenous people, natural Resources and globalización. Ottawa 2017. IUAES

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Discussion Panel LL-AE04 “Indigenous People, Natural Resources and Globalization: Emerging Challenges of Security and Survival”

Panel to be held at the International Conference “CASCA/IUAES2017: Mo(u)vement” which will take place from 02/05/2017 to 07/05/2017, in Ottawa, Canada

Organized by the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) and Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA)

Convenors: Buddadheb Chaudhuri (Chairperson, IUAES Commission on Human Rights) and María Victoria Chenaut (Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology, México/LMI-Meso)

Short Abstract:

With increasing globalization, exploitation of natural resources all over the world has become more intense affecting environment and interests of the local people predominantly the indigenous people. Their access and command over natural resources are often denied affecting life support systems.

Long Abstract:

A very interesting co-existence is noted practically all over the world. The place where indigenous people traditionally lived is very rich in the context of natural resources. But poorest of the poor lived in such areas. On the other hand, global political and economic regimes and dominant development model in this era of globalization have resulted in the massive depletion of natural resources and exploitation of human labour leading to further marginalization and impoverishment of the people. The commercial afforestation and forest degradation have particularly affected the indigenous people as they are not getting food and medicinal herbs from the forest. The forest “development” is thus responsible for deprivation of indigenous people. The green revolution has increased food production, but it has also increased inequalities and different types of environmental problems mostly affecting the disadvantaged people. So people are questioning, ”How green is green revolution?”

In this proposed panel, the issue of equality and justice, disparity at local, national, regional and global level among different countries and different social groups, consequences of development and importance of sustainable development, indigenous people and their struggle for survival, peace and human security particularly in the context of globalization process can be examined with the focus on justly balanced development and environment.

Dear colleagues, in case you are interested to present a paper in this panel we need you make your proposal in Spanish or Englishvia the online form at the conference web page. Our panel number is LL-AE04, located in the stream “Worlds in motion: Human Rights, Laws and Trafficking”. The accepted proposals should be presented in English at the conference. The call for papers opens November 14th and closes December 19th 2016. Please, see “Important dates” and “Call for papers” at the conference website at cascaiuaes2017

We are not in a condition to pay the expenses of the travel of the presenters. All paper proposals must be made via the online system. All the panels have a link “Propose a paper” at the bottom of the page, under the long abstract.

Buddhadeb Chaudhuri: buddhadebc[@]

Victoria Chenaut: viki.chena[@]



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